Aetion® Discover

Visualize real-world data for rapid insights

Quick insights at your fingertips

Fast-start and visual-first, Aetion Discover is an application designed for exploratory analysis while ensuring a structured approach to any research question, from disease burden to unmet need, real-world value, and more.

Quickly explore populations and outcomes, and efficiently extract the insights you need.

Ask your data anything

Built on AEP and ready for rapid iteration, Aetion Discover accepts any data, any format, including OMOP, FHIR and more. Discover users can:

Illustrative use cases across the medical innovation lifecycle


  • Natural history and standard of care characterization
  • Target product profile definition support
  • External validity evaluation


  • Competitor and market analysis

  • Economic burden of disease understanding

  • Humanistic burden of disease understanding


  • Integrated evidence planning

  • Signal investigation/ contextualization

  • Evidence-based payer engagement


  • A clear and cross-functional view into what happens in the real world
  • Label expansion-related hypothesis generation
  • Drug and healthcare resource utilization

Uncover new patterns

Enhance your research with the power of artificial intelligence. Find distinct patient subgroups for targeted interventions or hypothesis generation based on diagnoses, procedures, or drugs. This module uses cluster methods to find smart subgroups within your defined population so you can uncover new patterns in your data.

Powered by the Aetion Evidence Platform®

Aetion Evidence Platform® (AEP) is the core technology platform harnessing potential patient impact in any real-world data source for real-world evidence and insight generation. The forward-thinking backend for all of your real-world data and analytics management needs.