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Combining the scientific rigor of Aetion Evidence Platform® (AEP), our standard-setting regulatory consultancy, and groundbreaking data science to identify the best datasets and build accessible solutions for rapid, reliable evidence generation.

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The real-world data (RWD) you need, optimized and accessible

  • Fit-for-purpose RWD: Our data-passionate scientists identify and build fit-for-purpose RWD through knowledge of the data landscape, reducing time needed to identify the best data source
  • Ready-to-access RWD: Data is optimized for longitudinal analysis and connected to AEP, reducing data preparation time
  • Ready-to-analyze RWD: A measure library of pre-built algorithms implementing clinical definitions in the RWD simplifies, accelerates, and scales complex analysis
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Aetion Rapid Start:

This turnkey solution simplifies the preparation and analysis of data of pregnant patients linked to their infants, addressing this longstanding gap in the healthcare ecosystem. Use this as the foundation to rapidly generate reliable real-world evidence for pregnancy studies. Learn more.


Aetion Rapid Start:

The first and only real-time real-world evidence system for COVID-19 allows you to create a system of studies to respond and adapt in real time, and to understand the safety and effectiveness of treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics for COVID-19. Discover how.

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Aetion Rapid Start: Burn

This offering is built to address the regulatory advancements and increasing commercial pressures in burn care through faster generation of scientifically rigorous real-world evidence, powered by the largest curated real-world dataset in U.S. burn care, ready to analyze on our platform.