The biggest innovation you can make is a better decision.

The Aetion Evidence Platform® (AEP) delivers real-world evidence for the manufacturers, purchasers, and regulators of medical treatments and technologies. We help you answer the high-stakes questions in health care: what works best, for whom, and when. Because better answers lead to better decisions.

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Aetion and FDA-funded NESTcc Announce Five Year Medical Device Partnership

Leading RWE platform Aetion supports the development of NESTcc’s Analytics Core offering. A first of its kind collaboration aiming to transform the role of RWE for medical devices.

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Real-Time Insights & Evidence

The first and only real-time real-world evidence system.

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RWE Biotech Forum

We recently hosted our RWE Biotech Forum, where experts from Aetion and industry explored how real-world evidence can
advance clinical development and regulatory approvals.

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The Evidence Hub

Want to learn more about real-world evidence? Read up on perspectives, milestones, and best practices in real-world evidence and value-based health care on our blog, the Evidence Hub.

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Population Level Analytics for COVID-19

Powered by Roche, this tool allows users to compare county-level COVID-19 real-world data across the U.S.

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Powered by Roche, this tool allows users to compare county-level COVID-19 real-world data across the U.S.

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Turn real-world data into real-world evidence.

AEP is scientifically validated software that analyzes data from the real world to produce transparent and rapid answers—on safety, effectiveness, and value—across the product lifecycle.

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Scientific rigor for real-world evidence

As a partner to life sciences, payers, and regulators, Aetion informs the most critical decisions in the industry. Our transparent analyses guide product development, commercialization, and payment innovation.

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Rapid answers for decisions that matter

AEP moves the application of real-world evidence from descriptive analytics to causal conclusions. And it delivers answers within days and weeks—the rapid results needed to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Turn your best available information into insights you can use now.

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Trusted real-world evidence for all stakeholders

Our solutions begin with asking the right question and determining the right data from commercial and academic partners around the world. Then, the analytic workflows of the platform—meeting and setting international scientific standards—enable you to validate assumptions and align stakeholders.

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The most intriguing part of the Aetion story is the ability to have a very consistent analytic approach that can be applied across multiple data sets.

— Dr. Amy Abernethy (in STAT)
Former Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA

Aetion’s rapid turn-around time is critical, as is the fact that their analyses are based on our membership. By using predictive modeling to identify high-risk patients—who will become high-cost—we’re able to quickly engage with providers and health systems to intervene early. This improves outcomes for our highest-risk patient populations.

— Dr. Saira Jan
Director of Pharmacy Strategy and Clinical Integration, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

As part of our digital business transformation, we believe that strategic partnerships will advance our capabilities for rapid analytics. The Aetion Evidence Platform has helped reduce the completion time for UCB’s RWE initiatives by 50%, and has enhanced our capabilities to run multiple concurrent studies.

— Dr. Eddie Lee
Head, US HEOR Strategy, UCB

eBook: 2021 update

The Role of Real-World Evidence in FDA Approvals

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