Optimize the impact of medical device and diagnostics solutions with Aetion’s real-world evidence (RWE).

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RWE helps you deliver innovative products and life-changing interventions to patients faster and more efficiently.

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Determine which cohort of patients can benefit most from an intervention

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Scientifically validated approach to determining fit-for-purpose data

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Harness near-real time data to predict clinical and economic outcomes

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Power reimbursement efforts and expand indications of use

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Inform critical regulatory and value decisions with high quality data

Aetion helps you leverage RWE across the product lifecycle.

Aetion helps you leverage RWE across the product lifecycle.

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Phase 1: RWD/E strategy

We are at the forefront of innovation in advancing the use of RWD/E to help you develop and execute the right RWE strategy.

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Phase 2: Data feasibility

We help determine if there’s feasible data to answer your research questions through our scientifically validated and peer-reviewed assessment framework.

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Phase 3: Decision-grade analysis

Our epidemiologists, researchers, and scientists work shoulder-to-shoulder to conduct scientifically valid analysis to deliver regulatory grade analysis.

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Phase 4: Platform-based evidence generation

Aetion Evidence Platform® (AEP) provides access to a platform that delivers rapid cycle generation of evidence across an array of devices and diagnostics.

Aetion is thrilled to collaborate with partners like NEST-cc, as we work alongside medical device and diagnostic companies to develop an array of services and capabilities that enhance the ability to catalyze RWE. We are committed to driving innovation forward, with the goal of delivering the right solution to the right patient at the right time.

Christian Howell
— Christian Howell
Vice President and General Manager of Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Aetion

Generate decision-grade evidence with Aetion.

AEP is scientifically validated software that analyzes data from the real world to produce transparent and rapid answers—on safety, effectiveness, and value.

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