Webinar: How leading-edge R&D teams are using RWE

Biopharma companies are increasingly adopting real-world evidence (RWE) to drive efficiencies in drug research and development (R&D). From informing early stage planning to supporting label expansions, RWE research methods are enabling R&D teams to make more informed decisions, faster.

In this webinar, hear from leaders from Aetion, Sanofi, and Janssen R&D about how and where RWE can enable more agile research approaches to accelerate drug development.

You will also hear about:
  • Updates on the state of RWE in 2021, including trends in regulatory approvals and anticipated guidances this year;
  • Examples of how biopharma can use RWE to inform trial feasibility and design, to test lab-developed hypotheses, and to support label expansion; and
  • How global biopharma companies are integrating RWE across their R&D teams, with insight into trends and best practices for operationalizing adoption.

Watch the webinar