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COVID-19 is an unprecedented shock to the health care system.

In response, we launched the first and only real-time real-world evidence system.

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Reliable answers for the new health care reality

Introducing Real-Time Insights and Evidence, a COVID-ready solution created by HealthVerity and Aetion

  • Track how COVID-19 is treated over time and in what care setting.
  • Understand what happens before, during, and after treatment, and by subgroup.
  • Assess and advance treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics.
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Understand and mobilize around health care’s redistribution


Evaluate potential COVID-19 interventions


Develop evidence for accelerated approval and during the post-marketing period

Real-Time Trend Reporting and Interactive Data Visualizer

Understand COVID-19 disease progression on infected patients, as well as how general health care utilization trends for the non-infected population have shifted.

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Real-Time Evidence Platform

Create a system of studies to respond and adapt in real time, and to understand the safety and effectiveness of treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics for COVID-19.

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With stakes this high, we need rapid and reliable causal conclusions.

Get the evidence you need to respond.

We’ll share an overview of the real-world data configurations in this solution and schedule a demo.