Generate RWE at scale with our real world evidence platform.

Aetion Evidence Platform® (AEP) is the scientifically validated software that transforms real-world data into transparent, reliable, and replicable real-world evidence (RWE). The platform is used by global biopharma organizations, regulators, payers, and health technology assessment bodies to assess the safety, effectiveness, and value of medical technologies.

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Rapid, reliable answers

Aetion’s rapid-cycle analytics™ allow you to conduct regulatory-grade studies with speed, while maintaining the highest level of scientific accuracy. AEP enables stakeholder alignment by providing transparent reporting, audit trails, and the ability for reviewers to re-run analyses.

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Your partner in standard setting

AEP produces real-world evidence (RWE) that meets and defines industry standards. Our collaborations with FDA and ex-U.S. regulators rely on Aetion’s technology to validate and modernize real-world data use cases.

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Fluent across global data sources

AEP can ingest any data from any source, in native or common data model formats. Our data scientists and epidemiologists help identify the real-world data sources best suited for your study.

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Built for causal data science.

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Connect any data and optimize to a longitudinal patient timeline

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2,000+ pre-built clinical definitions for algorithmic application

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Stakeholder-ready reporting and full audit log of all decisions made during analysis

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Scientifically validated analytic workflows—including risk tiering and risk prediction—that balance flexibility with guardrails

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Cloud deployment and enterprise integration

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Backed by an ecosystem of support, including scientific consultancy and data services

AEP informs critical decisions across health care.

AEP informs critical decisions across health care.


For biopharma

Assess the safety, effectiveness, and value of medical treatments and technologies.

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For payers

Generate rapid insights on member outcomes to optimize care, coverage, and value-based arrangements.

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For regulators and HTA agencies

Advance standards for RWE in decision-making and support understanding of disease and medical product landscape.

“The most intriguing part of the Aetion story is the ability to have a very consistent analytic approach that can be applied across multiple data sets.”

— Dr. Amy Abernethy (in STAT)
Former Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA

“Aetion’s rapid turn-around time is critical, as is the fact that their analyses are based on our membership. By using predictive modeling to identify high-risk patients—who will become high-cost—we’re able to quickly engage with providers and health systems to intervene early. This improves outcomes for our highest-risk patient populations.”

— Dr. Saira Jan
Director of Pharmacy Strategy and Clinical Integration, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey