Quick insights without cutting corners

Fast-start and visual-first, Aetion® Discover helps you discern and describe populations and outcomes, treatments and trends.

Rapid, reliable insights

Discover is a descriptive analytics application to help refine your research questions and get more insights, fast. Built on Aetion Evidence Platform® and ready for rapid iteration, use Discover to:


  • Target product profile definition support

  • Natural history and standard of care characterization

  • External validity evaluation


  • Competitor and market analysis

  • Economic burden of disease understanding

  • Humanistic burden of disease understanding


  • Integrated evidence planning

  • Signal investigation/ contextualization

  • Evidence-based payer engagement


  • Label expansion-related hypothesis generation

  • Drug and healthcare resource utilization

  • A clear and cross-functional view into what happens in the real world

Powered by the Aetion Evidence Platform®

Aetion Evidence Platform® (AEP) is the core technology platform harnessing potential patient impact in any real-world data source for real-world evidence and insight generation. The forward-thinking backend for all of your real-world data and analytics management needs.

Cue up Quick Starts

Discover’s Quick Starts provide you with templated studies for your frequent-use needs, including:

Visual-first capability

Visualize results by choosing a dataset and selecting inclusion/exclusion criteria. In Discover, results are updated in real-time, enabling quick decisions throughout study execution. 

Streamline collaboration by sharing easy-to-interpret visualizations cross-functionally.