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We build software for—and deep partnerships with—the world’s life sciences developers, regulators, and purchasers. Our work is the knowing, showing, and sharing of how medical innovations work in the real world.

From your first hypothesis to a secondary indication, from next-gen data generation to long-term safety monitoring, Aetion is power at hand—for the rapid, repeatable, and rare answers our era demands.

Together, we’re advancing the science and systems of real-world evidence. Because your standard is no less than the standard setter.

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Aetion researchers, Liz Garry, PhD MPH and Liza Gibbs, MS, discuss the culmination of RCT-DUPLICATE and what it holds for the future of RWE in regulatory decision-making.

Aetion launches CARE Initiative to identify when and how RWE can improve access and care.

“If we learned anything from the global pandemic, it’s that no one should go it alone when it comes to expediting care and treatment options for people in need…”

– Lauren Becnel, VP of RWE at Pfizer

Evio adopts AEP to drive increased use of RWE across the pharmacy value chain.

“Combining Evio’s study designs and data solutions with Aetion’s best-in-class platform will allow us to generate a breadth of data analysis and clinical insights not previously available.” 

– Lynn Nishida, Head of Clinical Operations, Evio. 

FDA and Aetion partner on advanced analytical techniques and urgent COVID-19 questions.

“I think that the most intriguing part of the Aetion story is the ability to have a very consistent analytic approach that can be applied across multiple datasets.” 

– Amy Abernethy, then FDA principal deputy commissioner, in interview with STAT

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Exploration or next-level evidence—our platform and complementary apps are here to propel your RWD vision.

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Work with us at the forefront of advancing and automating RWE standards.

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Aetion works across your existing RWD assets and as an objective partner in new data asset vetting, prep, synthesis, and generation.

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Our depth and breadth— across payer, regulator, academia, and more—further enhance your decision making.

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